GEPharmacylistens Survey – Did you also go to the Giant Eagle Pharmacy store? Has was your overall experience? How easily could you shop? Did you reach out to the store easily? Were you catered in time or did you have to wait for some time to get your bill done? Giant Eagle Pharmacy wants to know it all.

And for that, Giant Eagle has organized a GEPharmacy listens to survey. Through this, the pharmacy company aims to know its customer’s reviews on their services.

GEPharmacy Survey

Giant Eagle Pharmacy Listens survey as the name suggests is all eager to hear from its customers all about its services. Pharmacy store has organized this survey to get to know how was the shopping experience of its customers. Whether it is a good one or a bad one. It wants to know it all.

Earlier to get reviews from customers, outlets, or store managers used to hand out physical forms to know the review. These physical forms were difficult to handle and store them for further analysis was a task.

It wasn’t easy to handle these forms as they were bulky to store. Some of them either fade or get torn. As technology advanced, digital surveys organized to ensure that every response recorded and kept for a long time.

To follow the trend and to meet the needs, Giant Eagle Pharmacy also launched a survey to get and record its customer’s reviews. Customers can very easily take the survey and submit the review digitally from the comfort of their homes.

The Giant Eagle Pharmacy Survey is a rewarding one. To every survey taker, they are rewarding people with a redeemable coupon. This used on their next purchase from the store.

About Giant Eagle Pharmacy

Giant Eagle Pharmacy store owned by the supermarket chain company, Giant Eagle. It spread all over the USA, the UK, and Canada. It has currently organized a digital survey which provides its survey-takers with a wonderful opportunity of winning reward coupons.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy Customer Survey Requirements

You don’t require much to take the Giant Eagle Pharmacy survey. Just a bunch of things that’s it:

  • A computer device like a laptop, PC, smartphone, the tablet is necessary to take the survey. For a better experience, you may use the device you use most of the time as it will be easy for you to access the website on it.
  • A good internet connection to ensure you take the survey without any hindrances.
  • Language in English or Spanish is a must. This survey took only in the English or Spanish Language. However, the survey was written in a simple form to better understand people.
  • You must have a receipt of your recent visit from the Giant Eagle Pharmacy store. This bill contains data that has to enter to take the survey.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy Survey Eligibility

To ensure that you take are an eligible survey taker and winner, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The survey was taken by only those who belong to the USA, the UK, and Canada.
  • Those people who are either 13 years of age or more can take part in the survey.
  • Those who were relatives of the workers of the Pharmacy store or the employees of the store are not allowed to take part in the survey.

GEPharmacylistens Online Survey Rules

There are no such hard and fast rules for taking the survey. However, some of the rules which must be taken care of are:

  • Once you have generated a receipt from Giant Eagle Pharmacy, you must take the survey within a week.
  • You can not transmit your coupon code or reward to anyone else. Only you can use it.
  • The number of offers redeemed at the restaurant limited to one time per person.
  • The reward code won at Giant Pharmacy services is valid for 30 days only.

How to take GEPharmacylistens Survey

Taking Giant Eagle Pharmacy Listens survey is no big deal. It’s quite simple. Just follow these steps and it’s complete.

  • In the first step, turn on your computer device you wish to take the survey from.
  • After this, open the web browser you frequently use and search on Google for Giant Eagle Pharmacy Listens survey. Or you can also visit the website of the same survey to begin the survey process.
  • On the homepage, you are to enter your survey code. After entering this, you will be asked about the location of the store which you visited. This information is present on the receipt.
  • Now you asked questions about a recent visit to the pharmacy store.
  • Answer all the questions asked about the user’s experience at the store and submit the survey.
  • Once the survey is done, people will be awarded a coupon code which can be used during the next visit to the store.

Questions Asked In GEPharmacy listens Survey Online

The questions asked in the Giant Eagle Pharmacy Listens Survey are easy to interpret as they are written in simple language. This is because they are meant for better communicating with people. Some of the questions asked in the survey are:

  • How was the service at the pharmacy?
  • Were you served by the cash counter easily and quickly?
  • How likely you are to recommend a pharmacy to your near ones.
  • How was the environment of the store?
  • Did you find what you were looking for?

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Giant Eagle Survey Rewards

All the survey takers will be rewarded with a coupon code at the end of the survey. Hence after you complete the survey, you can claim the reward.

Takedown the validation code that appears on your screen at the end of the survey and show the same along with the receipt you used to take the survey when you next visit the Giant Eagle Pharmacy store.

After showing them the validation code, you can win a free tank of Gas ranging from $50-$100.

Giant Eagle Sweepstakes

There will be no sweepstakes to mention the name of the winner. Every participant is a winner and they will be rewarded with a redeemable coupon code. The same can be redeemed within 30 days of the date issued.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy Customer Service

In case you have a query regarding a survey or anything, feel free to ask. Here are the details using which you can contact the Giant Eagle Pharmacy.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy Contac No: 1-844-259-1891

Giant Eagle Pharmacy Social Media Links





Giant Eagle Pharmacy has organized an online survey to participate. This is open to those customers who have shopped from the pharmacy store earlier. Upon completion of the survey, people are rewarded with free tank gas worth $50-$100. Hence, don’t miss this wonderful chance and grab the reward instantly.

People Also Ask On Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey

Anyone above 15 years of age can take the survey?

Yes. Anyone who is even 13 years of age or more than that can take part in the survey.

After the date of issuance of bill receipt, how many days can I take the survey?

From the date of purchase present on your bill receipt, you can take the survey within a week from the same day.

For how many days is validation code valid as granted in reward?

30 days. Till 30 days, you can redeem the coupon code granted to you as a reward.

Can I transfer my reward to someone else?

No. The reward cannot transferred to someone else. It is meant to be used by you only.

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