The target would like all frequent clients to receive the $1,500 Target Gift card from this target survey. The client shares their personal review directly with Target, by arranging for a target survey on its official website.

Inform Target Survey

One can take part in this survey and receive a $1500 gift card by sharing your last visiting experience with a target receipt with an invitation to Target guest satisfaction survey.

Take the survey and get a chance to win a Target survey discount on your next buy or visit to the Target Retailer.


The second-biggest discount retailer in the United States, Target is an American retailer. They are committed to giving you the best possible experience on any shopping experience.

Target primarily runs a department store, hypermarket, supercenter, grocery, and needs ample representatives in any region to guarantee the running of the company. You may have a preference if you are looking for a position in the retail industry.

 How To Take Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Visit the official website of Target guest feedback survey
  • You’re on the feedback tab for Target Guest now.
  • For continuing with the survey, please pick your chosen language.
  • Type in your username and password accurately
  • You can only offer your last visit experience after typing in the Target Receipt survey code into the survey.
  • Give the Target survey a rate and frankly answer the questions asked.
  • Then you asked for your contact information for safety purposes after responding to the survey questions.
  • Please type in your correct contact details.
  • You to get a gift card at the end of the survey.

Target Receipt Survey Rewards Of $ 1500 Gift Card

Target is always going to reward you for truthful feedback. Your opinion is helpful in deciding mainly what the business is about. Some of the rewards include:

  • You are likely to receive a $25 Target Gift Card immediately after you take part.
  • One get the chance to win a Target Survey sweepstake of a $1,500 gift card in the monthly drawing.
  • You get exclusive sales updates and incredible discounts and vouchers in-store.

Questions Asked In Target Store Guest Survey

The InformTarget Survey has several questions that are enjoyable and entertaining. They concentrate on the stuff in the retail. Certain fields where feedback is needed include:

  • The employees’ attitude towards you
  • The sort of services you have received
  • Product quality you bought
  • The comfort of the shopping system
  • The overall handling

Requirements To Participate in Inform Target Guest Survey

If you want to take part in the Inform Target Feedback Survey then make sure to check out the pre-requisites mentioned below so that you can comfortably participate and make full use of being eligible to participate and win-

  • Minimum 18 years of age is necessary.
  • Simple knowledge of either English or Spanish language is required.
  • Either a smartphone or a laptop that would be connected to the Internet should be there.
  • The participant must be a lawful citizen of the United States of America.
  • Within 72 hours of buying products from the Inform Target Store, use your email ID and password.
  • In 7 days after your visit to the shop, participate in the Inform Target Survey.
  • The Inform Target Online Survey will not include staff or associates at the store
  • Your suggestions

Target Customer Service

Yeah, you can get help in different ways. Please use the following contact details. We have shared the sites of social media as well.  Make a phone call through the following numbers 1 612 304 6073. Or,1 612 696 3400.

Target Social Media Links

Other Links

People Also Ask On Inform Target

Who will get the benefits when we share my personal feedback on InformTarget?

Your truthful feedback adds to a win-win outcome. Target advantages by learning about customers’ insights and perspectives. These details are collected and crucial decisions are taken about the organization.
After you submit your feedback, the supply of services and the goods strengthen to allow you to enjoy shopping. In return, you have a chance of winning $25 instantly while answering questions on InformTarget. You also enter a monthly draw of $1500 in sweepstakes.

How will I get to know that I have won the Target Gift prize?

Winning the prize is an equal chance for all the applicants. The target would then, send you a call or an email for the notification. That is because you had given your contact information at the end of the survey, including your phone number, your e-mail identity, and your mailing code. This means that you must type in your correct contact information in order to avoid losing the final prize.

I need help as i am facing issues while logging in to Inform Target, What should i do?

In most cases, login problems can arise from misreading the USER ID and password on receipt. Be sure that you have entered the correct data in the section, to begin with. Again you should have obtained your receipt within 72 hours after you made your order or it will be considered as a null and void expired receipt. Other issues may happen when the Internet is bad, cookies blocked, and browser malfunctions. If you attempt to fix the above issues and the issue still continues, call the customer service department for assistance. 


The article has covered all the necessary information you need t know in order to participate in the Inform Target Guest Satisfaction Survey to win exciting prizes including a $1,500 gift card. Follow the above steps to participate in the survey and win exciting prizes avail of exclusion promotional offers.

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