Wingstop Guest Feedback Survey – The Wingstop survey is a customer satisfaction questionnaire, which helps them in understanding the tastes of their customers. Surveys help businesses in understanding what their customers want from their brand.

Wingstop Guest Feedback Survey

The customers also asked to rank the available flavors according to their opinions. The most famous of all the wing flavours offered by Wingstop listed below:

  • Atomic
  • Cajun
  • Original Hot
  • Mild
  • Hickory Smoked BBQ
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Hawaiian
  • Teriyaki
  • Louisiana Rub

About Wingstop

Wingstop Inc. is an American franchise chain of aviation-themed restaurants. It specializes in prime chicken wings in 11 different special flavours. Wingstop is a restaurant with a history of 20 years, which boasts of curating special flavors.

It has something for everyone’s taste. Wingstop also has another special attraction of having a décor that dates back to the “pre-jet” aviation eras of the 1930s and 1940s.

Wingstop Survey Requirements and Eligibility

Customers who have purchased something from the Wingstop outlets are eligible for filling the survey. The customers can visit the Wingstop Guest online satisfaction page to access the survey. They can then share their wing preferences and opinions with the wing makers.

The other eligibility criterias for the prize are:

  • It is open to all legal residents from the 50 states, including the District of Columbia.
  • The participant should age18 or above, during the time of entry.
  • Employees of Wingstop and anyone related to them (parents, family members, agencies, etc.) were not permitted to enter.
  • All federal, state, and local laws apply.

Participation Rules For Wingstop Feedback Survey

The primary rule of participation in the survey is a purchase. Customers are required to enter their receipt details to take part in the survey. The participants should visit the Wingstop survey website. The first step is to choose whether the participant wishes to fill the form in English or Spanish.

The customer must fill in the following information to login to complete the survey:

  • The restaurant or the store number where the purchase has been made (mentioned on top of the receipt).
  • The date of the visit (mentioned as the header on the receipt)
  • The exact time of the visit, when the  receipt has been generated (listed on the right-hand side of the receipt)
  • The order number or the check number or amount, whichever asked for
  • After filling in the above-mentioned details, click on start.

How to take part in Wingstop Customer Survey

After the customer has redirected to the Wingstop Customer survey questions page, he/she is required to fill them in with all honesty. The answers were filled on a scale of one to five wherein 1 stand for not satisfied at all and 5 stands for very satisfied.

The first step enquires about the experience of the customer regarding their latest visit to Wingstop. The questions require the customers to rate their satisfaction with a few things that include:

  • The appearance of the restaurant.
  • The quality of the food served.
  • The service provided by the staff.
  • The atmosphere of the restaurant.
  • The time taken for the ordered food to be brought at the table or packed, in case of a take out.
  • The value received of the money paid by the customer.

Questions Asked In mywingstop survey

The Wingstop Survey also contains several opinions about various aspects of their services and food. The customers were supposed to agree or disagree with those opinions on various scales. The kinds of questions that regularly found on the roster listed below:

  • Wingstop uses high-quality ingredients.
  • I like to eat food from Wingstop.
  • Wingstop offers a good variety of flavours.
  • The Wingstop charges fair and good prices.
  • Wingstop has poor services.
  • Wingstop is better than other chicken wing places.
  • The food is too oily.
  • Some flavours like atomic are too spicy.
  • Wingstop food has the correct amount of saltiness.

The questions in the surveys are not always the same. The customer review surveys are also important when a new flavour is launched. The reaction of the customers through the survey is a good way to see the popularity of new flavours.

The Wingstop Guest Feedback Survey results used to understand the mentality, choices, and demographics of customers of Wingstop.

Wingstop Rewards Gift Coupons

Wingstop conducts sweepstakes, which is a type of contest where a prize is awarded to the winner or winners. They are a common way of marketing promotions to reward existing customers and draw attention to new ones.

Following this path, Wingstop conducts such sweepstakes every week. As the grand prize, it offers a gift card of $50 to the lucky winner who wins in the weekly raffle. The gift card is eligible for redeeming in future purchases. The gift card is, however, not eligible for cash redemption.

From all the surveys that are filled by the customers, the winner is selected at random. The contest also limits the entry of one email address only once every day, to keep it fair.

Wingstop Survey Online Sweepstakes

After the end of filling the surveys, the customers should enter their personal details. The details required for eligibility in the raffle for winning the prize. The details include:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code

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Wingstop Winner Notification

The winners of the prize at the end of the raffle emailed with the results. The Wingstop Guest Feedback Survey winner requested to confirm the mailing address within 48 hours of receiving the email. Prizes delivered to the address mentioned in the survey.

People Also Ask On Wingstop Guest Survey

Q What is the prize of the raffle, after filling the survey?

A. From all the survey entries, a raffle is conducted and a random winner is chosen. The winner receives a gift voucher worth $50.

Q How many times can one person fill the survey in one day?

A. One person with one email ID can only fill in a survey once a day, per day.

Q How does the survey help wingstop?

A. Wingstop conducts this survey to get to know the customers’ tastes, opinions, and ideas better so that in the future they can implement those to provide a better service.

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