slimchickenslistens – Slim Chickens your favorite chicken food chain is back with a survey. It wants to know how you feel about them.

Slim Chickens Guest Satisfaction Survey

Now it’s your turn to help your food chain. Wondering how? Take this short survey and tell them how they can serve you better. You get to win an assured slimchickenslistens Survey reward along with an entry into sweepstakes. Read further to know more.

About Slim Chickens

Slim Chickens is a fast-food chain retailer company that specializes in chicken-based food items. The company was founded by Greg Slim and Tom Chickens. Founded 18 years ago, in 2003 it is headquartered in Arkansas. It serves in Kuwait, the USA, the UK.

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Slimchickenslistens Eligibility

For taking the survey, you must meet the given eligibility grounds:

  • For you to take the slim chickens feedback guest survey you should be a resident of the USA or Canada. Anyone outside both these regions cannot participate in the competition.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age or more.

Slim Chickens Online Survey Requirements

You just need the below-mentioned things to take the survey smoothly.

  • You must have an understanding of basic English statements. This is because the survey will be asked in the English language hence you must know the basics of it.
  • You must have a receipt of your last trip to Slim Chickens. It is necessary because you must enter a unique 17 digit survey code to take the survey.
  • You must also have a PC or laptop or smartphone or any other computer device which will let you take the survey on it. You must also ensure that you have a good speed internet for a smooth slim chickens guest satisfaction survey experience.

Slim Chickens Feedback Survey Rules

One needs to abide by the following rules while taking the Slim Chickens Listens survey.

  • You must take the survey and be an entrant into the sweepstakes till 7 days from the date of purchase. After 7 days, you can not enter the contest through online mode, but you can make an entry through offline mode.
  • Employees can not participate in the survey.
  • One can also not transfer the reward to anyone else.
  • You can take only one slim chickens guest survey per receipt.
  • Be sure that you don’t make more than one entry in the sweepstakes.

How to take Slim Chickens Listens Survey

Taking the Slim Chickens survey is just a 5-minute procedure:

  • Open up your computer device and ensure that you have a good internet connection.
  • Now open the official website of the Slim Chickens survey.
  • On the homepage, you asked to enter the slimchickenslistens survey code. Enter it and submit the code.
  • Now, take the survey and answer the questions asked honestly.
  • After answering the questions, submit them.
  • Now you will be asked to enter your details. Enter them correctly.
  • Voila! You are done with the slimchickenslistens survey step.

Questions asked in Slim Chickens Guest Feedback Survey

Questions asked in the Slim Chickens survey are easy and quick ones:

  • How was your experience at the Slim Chickens?
  • Would you come back again?
  • How is the food?
  • Was chicken fresh?
  • Were you served in time?
  • How much did you have to wait for the bill?

Slim Chickens $100 Reward

There are two rewards to be earned. The first one is given to every survey taker. This coupon will be awarded to everyone and you can use it the next time you visit a Slim Chickens Restaurant. After this comes to the second reward. For the second one, the winners will be decided based on sweepstakes held every month. Every month there will be an entry to enter in the sweepstakes and you get a gift card worth $100.

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Slim Chickens  Sweepstakes

There are two methods to participate in the sweepstakes.

  • Online: Users can enter the sweepstakes by online mode. For this, you must have a receipt of your recent visit to the Slim Chickens restaurant. You must take an online survey by metering a survey code printed on this bill receipt. After taking the survey, you can be an entrant in the sweepstakes.
  • Offline: To enter the sweepstakes through offline mode, you need to send a handwritten postcard to the following address:

Feedback Sweepstakes, Slim Chickens, 1088 E. Millsap Rd. Fayetteville, AR 72703

Note that on the postcard, you need to write personal details like name, date of birth, contact address, email address, phone number, etc.

Slim Chickens Menu

Chick’s plate- Ranges from the US $6.99 to the US $10.99 (you may need to pay extra for tenders which can go up to $23)

Potato Salad- $2.49(small) and $5.99(large)

Fries- $2.49(small) and $6.99(large)

Smokey Cheddar Wrap Plate(Sandwich)- $8.49

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Slim Chickens  Near by Locations

Amarillo, TX • 8170 W. Interstate 40 Frontage Rd, 79106

State: Texas

Centennial, CO • 5697 S. Himalaya Street, 80015

State: Colorado

El Dorado, AR • 1720 N. West Avenue, 71730

Fayetteville, AR • 2120 N. College Avenue, 72703

Slim Chickens Customer Service

In case of any query, Slim Chickens on the following Information

(479) 935-4444

Or send an offline mail to

1088 East Millsap Road

Fayetteville, AR 72703



Slim Chickens is back with a digital survey. This survey wishes to know your feedback about them. Tell them honestly how you felt about them when you last visited the restaurant. After taking the survey, you will be given an assured reward along with an entry into sweepstakes. So go and win rewards.

People Also Ask On Slim Chickens Survey

How many days after the date of the visit can I take the survey?

Once you have visited Slim Chickens restaurant, you can take the survey for up to 7 days.

How many times per receipt can I take the survey?

On a receipt, you can take only one survey and can enter the sweepstakes only once per receipt.

How many times can I make the entry in the sweepstakes?

You can make an entry only once per month.

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